Loop Dee Science present at annual Veterinarian Trade Fair in held in Nantes, France

The French veterinarian association, AFVAC, organized its annual meeting in Nantes, France at the end of November, at which Loop Dee Science participated in its first public launch of its molecular analysis kits.

The kits developed by Loop Dee Science allow for rapid, reliable and simple in-office diagnostics of common cat viruses, specifically FIV and FeLV. The company was part of the Start-Up Village showcase and was quickly noticed for its innovative kits which combine the speed of enzymatic test and the accuracy of traditional PCR tests in laboratories.

The fair was a success for Loop Dee Science, which is now accelerating its growth and planning to launch its FIV and FeLV kits in early 2018 with additional kits to follow during the year.


The specialized press was also present and featured Loop Dee Science in a number of articles, including from La Semaine Vétérinaire and LeFil (texts and links below – in French only), even calling its kits ‘the most noteworthy innovation at the fair’.

AFVAC trade fair: https://afvac-lecongres.com/

La Semaine Vétérinaire article: http://www.lepointveterinaire.fr/publications/la-semaine-veterinaire/article/n-1743/les-start-up-a-l-honneur-dans-un-village-dedie.html

LeFil article: https://www.lefil.vet/


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