Loop Dee Science embarks on a new project for teaching

Loop Dee Science is finalizing the development of an educational kit called Bioscool

Bioscool, a new solution to learn molecular biology :

Bioscool is mainly addressed to students. The solution developed by Loop Dee Science will enable them to carry out an entire isothermal PCR analysis, from the extraction of the sample to the reading of the results. The handling is done on Escherichia coli, Category 1 bacteria


All the material necessary for the manipulation in shown on the picture :

The advantages of Bioscool :

You can avoid the purchase of a thermocycler thanks to the Bioscool range. It allows performing an amplification reaction at constant temperature.

The entire manipulation is performed on a single session. The amplification reaction lasts only 30 minutes and the extraction is immediate.

Use the instructional booklet provided with an explanation of the PCR and an application scenario (see picture opposite).

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