Analysis time, manipulations and incubation included, in a few tens of minutes depending the test


Molecular detection suitable for point of care tests without the use of a laboratory


Only few simple steps of manipulation. Automated incubation and result reading system


Targeting of regions specific to the gene and low detection limit


  • Loop Dee Science created in 2017 and based in Caen – Normandy – is a biotech start-up expert in DNA that makes biologic diagnosis more accessible to the largest numbers of users. Our know-how is  based on the use of amplification technology (RT-LAMP) and the creation of a device allowing self-testing. We develop and manufacture reliable and simple rapid point of care genetic analysis kits which detects DNA and ARN of pathogens.

  • Loop Dee Science is specialized in molecular biology inovative technology. PCR and its derivatives such as LAMP are an universal reference in the analytical domain.

  • We are convinced that through easy-to-use , portable, and ultra accurate diagnostic device we will be able to live in a safe world. It is in this sense that we work to develop the most reliable tests possible.

Loop Dee Science – Tests you can trust!


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Loop Dee Science

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