Listeria monocytogenes


Result obtained in 1 hour, including sampling.

User friendly

No need for special laboratory equipment, automated reading and interpretation of the result.


The device has performance data equal to the leading laboratory methods.

The LoopDeetect Listeria monocytogenes kit is a system for the detection of Listeria monocytogenes, the bacterium that causes listeriosis, a highly virulent foodborne infection. 

The device is intended for professionals in food processing and distribution who wish to monitor independently the specific presence of L. Monocytogenes bacteria in their working environment and in their products.

Performance data : 

Sensibility / Spécificity : 100%

Inclusivity and exclusivity : 100%

The device was validated by comparison with the ISO 11290-1 method. The comparison tests were carried out by a laboratory accredited by COFRAC on programme 59.