Loop Dee Science COVID-19 Kit


40 minutes of amplification in thermal cycler. Very short pre-analytical phase.


Specificity and sensitivity: 96 %
(Evaluated by reference RT-PCR method)

All inclusive

Does not require an extraction kit, can be used on non-purified samples.


Aliquotable for optimal use of the kit.

The Loop Dee Science COVID-19 kit is a RT-LAMP kit for the detection of SARS-COV-2 virus. It is packaged in boxes of 100 reactions.

Validated on the main thermal cyclers on the market, the Loop Dee Science COVID-19 kit is CE IVD validated, and therefore perfectly usable for laboratory use, for COVID-19 tracking by nasopharyngeal swab.

The kit is composed of all the elements necessary for the realization of the sampling (swab and transport medium), as well as all the reagents necessary for the realization of the analysis. Positive controls are also provided with each kit for quality control purposes. 

This kit was developed in collaboration with the University Hospital of Caen.