The entire lab can be done in one sitting. The analysis takes 30 minutes.


Different scenarios offered, educational booklet included. Adaptable according to the level and the specialty of the pupils.


No need for thermal cycler.

The Bioscool kit is intended for high school and organic students. This kit allows, over the duration of a practical session, to carry out an entire amplification reaction, from the preparation of the reaction mix to the interpretation of the results. Bioscool, uses isothermal amplification as well as a colorimetric revelation method, directly integrated into the reaction mix. In addition, this device is safe for operators as it does not contain any dangerous product.

With Bioscool, you can use your own samples or those provided in the kit to have your students perform a genomic amplification reaction. They will thus be able to discover the bases of molecular biology while tackling various themes such as genetics or the detection of bacterial or viral targets.

Bioscool does not require specific PCR tools such as the thermal cycler, in addition, the direct colorimetric revealing system allows an immediate result after amplification. Bioscool can be integrated into a series of practical molecular biology exercises as it is well suited to amplify real samples, or to be revealed by electrophoresis.